An Avalanche of Cock at the Guys Go Crazy Winter Ski Gay Sex Party!

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guys go crazy gay orgyguys go crazy gay orgy

There’s more fun and frolicking cummin’ your way from our Winter Wonderbang fuck party, and the sea of sexy ski and snowboarders are getting more naked and more bold as they take off those heavy jackets and whip out their heavy equipment to get sucked, or even get up and start pounding away on some lucky guy’s manhole. It’s balls-to-the wall gay orgy hotness, with already about 40 guys getting in the action, and a few onlookers suck down some cocktail as they build up the nerve to give into temptation and get wild right in front of our gay orgy camera crew. So grab your pole and go on patrol for some hot gay hole, at the coolest gay sex party in the gay sex party universe!

A Hoarde of Horny Skier Dudes Go Nuts at Winter Wonderbang Gay Sex Party!

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guys go crazy gay orgyguys go crazy gay orgy

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside our new GGC Winter Wonderbang party things are heating up. The orgy party kicks off with a few friends hanging out with each other in our ‘Alpine Chalet Cafe’ where these badass snowboarders and sexy skiers are taking a break from playing in the snow to have a drink…and play with each other. After a few sips of champagne, they are all over each other, hands all over each other’s bodies, feeling one another up through their clothes, as their buddy Gery Owan carries his cam through the sex party crowd and starts daring them to kiss each other, strip or play with each other’s boy boners. It’s not long before all the sexy amateur guys are half naked and sucking each other’s cocks, exposing their hard sexy bodies. Soon everyone is joined be a new huge group of party boys who’ve come to get in on the action themselves. Before you can say ‘Jack Frost’ these boys’ cocks are out, playing with each other’s meaty ski poles and getting as wild as they wanna be, so don’t miss out on the coolest gay sex party on the internet!

A Tidal Wave of Hot Juicy Splooge Hits Cock Beach!

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guys go crazy gay orgyguys go crazy gay orgy

A tidal wave of salty dude splooge is on It’s way in today’s Guys Go Crazy update! The these sexy young butt pirates have plundered plenty of booty, and relentlessly pillaged enough of the innocent villagers that It’s time to pull out and unload their dick juice on the nearest cock hungry boyslut they can find. That’s right, this update on the GGC site is chock full of frantic butthole ramming, cock gobbling, and just all around good old fashioned gay sex, capped off with the moment you and these hot college jocks, smooth twinks and buff gay hunks have all been waiting for: a creamy barrage of shot after shot after shot of thick salty splooge, with just the right cum-guzzling boy sluts there to gobble up or soaked down by every last drop these guys can summon from the depths of their huge nutsacks. In short: don’t miss this gay sex party update!

College Jocks Rock the Club at Cock Beach Summer Party!

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guys go crazy gay orgyguys go crazy gay orgy

SURF’S UP! The gay orgy action gets even hotter as we post the third episode of our totally awesome Cock Beach gay sex party. The party is WELL underway and after all of last weeks gay sex games heated up the club, everyone got hot enough to start taking some clothes off and start sucking some heavy cocks, or else spreading themselves open to get fucked by some lucky hard and ready passerby. College jocks, surfer boys, smooth young twinks and big bold muscle boys… whatever type of guy you like this party’s got it! And right now they are in the full-on heat of passion, so don’t miss out on the hottest gay sex party on the net from the one and only!

Eastern European Surfer Boys Throw Huge Indoor Gay Sex Party in Prague Night Club!

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guys go crazy gay orgyguys go crazy gay orgy

COCK BEACH: PACKED WITH SURFER BOYS!!!!! It�s part two of our newest beach-themed gay sex party, and the action is heating up. More clothes come off, more cocks come out to get sucked and more drinks get drunk, meaning that soon our more shy guests will be joining in the debauchery! To get the guys in the mood, we also played some gay party games. One where we had two guys race against each other to see how many ping pong balls they could get from one side of the stage to the other, carrying them ONLY with their ass cracks. As you can tell from the pics, and even better from the videos in the members area, the guys had a helluva good time. Next we had some of our biggest and horniest cock loving bottoms get up on stage, shove their ass in the air for everyone to get a good look at their assholes, then we worked their little brown rosebuds out with a big fat cucumber…everyone loved it so much, it wasn’t long after that the real fucking began. Get in now to join the hottest fucking gay party on the net – you know where,!!

Cock Beach Gay Sex Party Kicks Off!

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guys go crazy gay orgyguys go crazy gay orgy

DIVE IN to our brand spankin’ new Guys Go Crazy gay sex party! We figured, since it’s the middle of winter and the town’s covered in snow, we might as well get out the pool, put on our swimsuits, and let the boys crank up the heat! We kick off the party with a strip contest, but this isn’t any old shower strip, we found a few amateur newbies in the audience who were willing to get naked, for the first time, right on camera and compete against one another in a naked dance-off! The results are so hot that some of the crowd join in, get naked, and start sucking each other’s hard sweaty cocks! There’s a lot of gay orgy action going on already, and these already barely-clothed boys are gonna get more naked, more horny and more wild as the night goes on, so stay tuned, because the Guys Go Crazy “Cock Beach” gay sex party is just getting underway!

Hot Twinks and College Jocks in Masks Unload Their Spunk at Gay Sex Party Finale!

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guys go crazy gay orgyguys go crazy gay orgy

Update four from our latest Guys Go Crazy Masquerade Ballers party is HERE and the party is in full swing. More and more costumes are coming off, drunk twinks and hunks are falling into each other’s arms to kiss, suck, get sucked and fucked, and it looks like some especially horny and ambitious partyboys have made it their mission to suck and fuck as many people as humanly possible. But they’d better act quick, because this whole sweaty crew of dressed up guys have been working their cocks by mouth, hand, or tight boy asshole for hours and no one will be able to hold out very long. Catch all the ass tapping action to the salty, sticky, jizz-covered end where euro twink superstars like Denis Reed, Gery Owan, Jose Fernando, Alan Capier, Leon Cook, Rune Gartner and lots, lots more get doused with load after load of boy batter in this of this once-in-a-lifetime gay sex party bonanza of butt-fucking! Only from the masters of the gay sex party universe: Guys Go Crazy!

Blowjobs, Rimjobs, and Ass Fucking For All At Gay Sex Costume Party!

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guys go crazyguys go crazy

The Guys Go Crazy Masquerade gay sex party keeps rolling along. First, we announce who won last week’s blowjob contest, followed by another round of everyone’s favorite gay sex party game: that ass-eating contest! Five smooth and sexy young lads are chosen from the audience to get up on stage, bend over and bare their assholes for another lucky five competitors to lick, tease and rim with their tongues. While the crowd watches, some getting their cocks sucked, others going from guy to guy to swallow as much meaty college jock, muscle hunk or smooth euro twink cock as they can. This cocksucking frenzy gets everyone so horny that soon tops and bottoms are frantically trying to pair up in order to get the hot buttfucking they need. Don’t miss out on the biggest and best gay sex party on the web, get your password for now!

College Jocks Suck Massive Amounts of Cock at Masquerade Gay Sex Party!

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guys go crazy

Another hot shot of Masquerade, or should I call it ASSquerade, action explodes onto the screen in today’s crazy new update. Now that the ice-breaker games are over, the party’s heating up as the boys admire each other’s costumes, and start to imagine what they look like when their off. Before you know it, the hot euro twinks and toned hunks are rubbing each other’s cocks, getting hard and popping their boners out of their pants to get sucked by the closest cock-hungry stranger, or friend– they don’t know, and frankly they sure as hell don’t seem to care, as by the end of this round of hot gay sex party pics and vids all this crazy cast of characters’ cocks are out and getting the knob-gobbling they deserve! The biggest gay parties only at!

College Hunk Filled Masquerade Ball Becomes Hot Gay Sex Party!

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gay orgy porngay orgy porn

Here they are! Brand new gay party pics and gay porn videos from our Guys Go Crazy Masquerade Ball Gay Sex Party! We’ve invited a bunch of lucky new boys from Hungary and Denmark to come party with us and everyone’s decked out in funny, sexy, or just crazy costumes to come celebrate at the club, play some games, and maybe even win some prizes! We start off with a “Best Costume” contest, where contestants shake their stuff on stage while showing off their outfits. Then things heat up with “The Great Dildo Suck-off”, where the dudes simulate fellatio on each other by sucking whipped cream off of dildos…just a sweet taste of things to cum. For some in the crowd, watching this simulation got them right in the mood for the real thing, and they started to undo each other’s pants, pop out their friend’s boners and go to town on their rick hard cocks, giving them some hot wet mouth service. Stay tuned because the gay sex party action is just heating up! From the masters of gay sex party porn, Guys Go Crazy!

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